Is Harry’s daughter the real hagiographer?

She woke one year after her Pa died and discovered that the Press in Singapore is censored. Wow ! What a wonderful discovery. What a privilege to have fallen asleep all these years. A private family quarrel turned into a national drama for a limited run. Any sequels ?

Thoughts of a Cynical Investor

Isn’t the grieving Dr Lee the real worshipper of one Harry Lee?

The first piece of evidence:. She compared her father to Churchill and Mao.

I had not intended to write about my father’s death on 23/3/2016. What led to my comments in Facebook on 1/4/2016 was the article on the front page report of The Straits Times on Mar 21st. It carried a photo of an outline of Papa’s face made with 4,877 erasers. I know Papa would be very upset by this sort of hero worship. I felt a sense of urgency to stop all acts of hagiography as I knew how unhappy they would cause Papa. To put things in context I wanted to recount how other countries honoured their leaders after death. China’s Chairman Mao and Britain’s Winston Churchill were the best examples to compare the founding prime minister of Singapore to. 

Churchill amd…

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