Hot ! Hot ! Singapore

We have  been witnesses to unprecedented events the past few days.   A family quarrel has all of Singapore enthralled.  Enough has been said; there is no need for me to repeat the details here.

What I wish to highlight is the speed with events can unfold in this digital age ?  Many of these exchanges are due to the ease with which information can be disseminated through cyberspace today.

It is the same with our jobs and many of the tasks we do today.  The only constant in life is change and we just have to move fast enough so that we can move to another day.  The world is not going to wait for Singapore to catch up.

There have been too many news in the media which begs the question – are Singapore’s best days over ?

I am an optimist and believe we are well on the way to an even better tomorrow.  What gives me the confidence ?  Actually, my own children.  The way they handle adversity and difficulties – they are both students – gives me great encouragement that the future is good. The next generation will not be soft.   Check your own homes and be surprised.

We can still be a rugged society.