Polling day – 11 Sep 2015

So, has your life changed in the last 6 months ? Do you see changes in the next 5 years ? Watch these glib politicians – all of them – the MIW, MIB and also the MIR and other colours. These are politicians – they need to sell their vision to you. Hopefully, that’s the least they will do. Some have no vision – they just want to get to Parliament. Once there, they will think about the “Vision” part. Have a great day !

LIFE begins @ 58!

Polling closes at 8 pm today. My wife and I will go probably around 6-30 in the evening.

We have had our own analysis of the likely results. We are in Nee Soon GRC. But as you guessed, we are more keen to know how the close ‘contests’ has voted.

Personally, I have been very disappointed by the lack of serious debates in these nine days of campaigning. Perhaps, in future, we can have town hall kind of debates where candidates and voters are involved in the policies and discussions of real issues facing Singapore in the future.

Things will change when we go to the polls in five years time. Everything depends on what the majority of Singaporeans decide today. No matter what, inspite of all the imperfections, we must acknowledge the will of the voters. They know best; voters are never wrong. Sometimes, the politicians cannot accept the…

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