Six months after Sep 11, 2015

It has been six months since the last GE.  The people have decided that we only need the MIW and MIB as elected MPs in Parliament.  Recently, the G announced changes to the political system and possibly even the way Singaporeans get the new President next year.

It has not exactly been a quiet 6 months. Actually, it has been an extremely busy 6 months, considering the fact that the ruling party returned to power with popular votes of about 70%.  One of the proposed changes is for the NCMPs to be increased from the present 9 to the proposed 12.

The PAP has always been forward thinking. It is good that they are preparing for the day when they won’t be the party with a majority of seats.  But Singaporeans can take comfort that no matter what, there will always be at least 12 PAP NCMPs in a future Parliament, maybe say in 2025.

By then, many  of today’s leaders ( of all parties) would  have stepped down  and new leaders  have taken Singapore to a different level with a whole lot of new challenges. We should have faith that the young people today who will be leaders of this nation tomorrow will do the right things and we can continue to progress so that a new generation can live with hope and confidence.