Relections on trip to Malaysia

I spent the new year eve in Port Dickson and also another day in Shah Alam. Having heard so much about the so-called “worsening” racial situation in Malaysia, I was keen to see for myself instead of being swayed by social media.

Malaysia is SAFE to travel; there is nothing to worry about. It looks and feels as beautiful as ever. The people I met were friendly; nobody talked about race or religion and surprisingly, about politics.

Normal people are going about their lives. What about all that we are reading in the online space ?

I have a theory. There are certain vested interests who are determined to create chaos and division among the people. I saw several instances of people mingling with others, irrespective of race or religion.

Which draws me to one conclusion – the people have no pressing problems. Politicians – of all colours – are just testing the grounds to check where they stand. And unfortunately, innocent citizens are being dragged into this.

Perhaps, this is the case everywhere. Politicians of all kinds need to create such friction in society to let people know they exist!

Happy New Year, all.

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