15 more days in 2015

What a year this has been. On the first working day of 2015, I decided to leave full time employment.

This was one of the most difficult decisions I ever had to make. One of the problems – had no idea what I wanted to do. All I knew was that I was forcing myself to get up and go to work. Hardly what a supervisor should do. Leaders are expected to have better attitudes! ( I was managing two teams – for the benefit of those who did not know).

But after 25 years with the same employer, I had begun to take things for granted. I made no attempts to learn something new, or even take some initiative. In the end I accepted responsibility for my hopeless situation.

Fast forward 12 months, I am glad to have done what I did. At that time, one of my concerns was where my income was going to come from. Actually, you don’t need a job in Singapore; what we need is an income! There are so many things you can do; really, it is up to us. Do you want a single salary or multiple sources of income.

Of course, one advantage I had – the HDB mortgage was fully settled about four years back. I think for most people, this is the single item which prevents people from moving on or attempting to move from their comfort zone.

So try to clear your mortgage as soon as possible; it gives you options to explore opportunities. I am 58; did not want to work for someone till 62 or 67.

Wishing all a happy, prosperous and healthy 2016.

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