From blue sky to rainy days

November started with a clear blue sky. The haze has actually disappeared. We can only hope we would have clear and clean skies next year in August/September.

One of the best things that happened this month must surely be a gathering we had of old colleagues who worked in MacDonald House in the early 90s to year 2000. Some of us were meeting after about 10 years and it is one occasion I will always cherish. Nce meeting 17 of our former colleagues. We have renewed our contact numbers and we hope to meet again next year.

Was also blessed to attend the wedding of a former colleague in a church. What I remembered most was the priest; forgot his name. But I must say he was a really jolly person; so much warmth and humour. That’s how weddings are meant to be.

As we head into the final month of the year, here’s wishing all my friends compliments of the season. I wish you good health, lots of luck and also all the very best for the new year. Do make a commitment to do something different in your lives. Don’t wait till 1 Jan 2016.