Polling day – 11 Sep 2015

I will be voting only later today – in another two and half hours time. Since I have some time to kill, why not try setting up another blog. My previous blog has been suspended due to technical issues. I just found out that I had two WordPress accounts; one opened about 3 years back in 2012!  Of course, I was never active and totally forgot about this. About four months back when I opened another WordPress account, I did not know this would cause me a lot of problems.

One of the problems I had was that many of my posts went “missing”.  I was frantically trying to figure out where my posts went to. Even with the online support available, this issue was never resolved.

So here I am now. Not sure if I should re-post all the blogs I wrote in June, July and August.  Maybe I should just start fresh. A new beginning.