11 September

In 5 days,

Singapore goes to the polls.  Apart from the fact that this is also the nation’s 50th birthday, it is the first election where Mr Lee Kuan Yew is not present.  We will all know if Singaporeans want to preserve the status quo or if they are prepared to set higher standards for all politicians.

One significant point is that half the voters come from the post1965 generation.  Will the PAP regain Aljunied ? Or will they lose some more  GRCs ?  Will other opposition parties be also be represented in the new parliament.

The serious issues facing the voters are the declining population growth and the increase in the migrant population, more expensive healthcare issues with increasing longevity, adequacy of retirement savings, transport and also the security environment in this part of the world.   As different voters identify with their own unique challenges, nobody can guess how the end game will be.

Whatever the outcome, we must accept the verdict of the majority of the voters.  Voters never make mistakes.  Sometimes, politicians don’t get the outcome they desire.

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