Election season – my take

We have had people in different colour shirts pitching their vision for Singapore. In the past, we were promised the Swiss standard of living ( do the Swiss work 18 hours a day ?), now the Chairman of one party has promised, if re-elected, to build a swimming pool in his consituency! Who is paying for the pool ?

Singapore is 50 this year and the kind of vision and priorities championed is astonishing. These people must think we are really idiots. Maybe we are!

What we need to be is a society where we care for each other. Never mind if the GDP drops ! Рif  people here behave better and care for one other.

Do we need the hidden wealth of dubious foreigners to enhance our status as a global financial centre ? Do we need rich and connected foreign politicians with unexplained wealth coming here and snapping expensive property to enhance real estate values here ?

Can we afford to go a bit slower and behave a bit better ? Of course, we can.

We have seen the consequences of a growth at all costs strategy.

This election is about our future. What we can do is not to be reminded that only one political party can govern Singapore. How many of you are inspired by the kind of talent projected as the future leadership of the country. I am not mentioning any names. There is no need for me to insult you.

So people, be brave. Ask the tough questions. Don’t let people in the different colored shirts confuse you. You already know what you need.

Voters are never wrong.