Eve of the eve

Today 7 August is a public holiday in Singapore. This is one of those rare occasions where the weekends and also the preceding and following Fridays and Monday are holidays, resulting in a superlong

weekend. Of course it is Singapore’s 50th birthday and people have a good reason to take a well deserved break. By all standards, what this island nation has achieved is truly remarkable considering the circumstances under which it was forced to leave Malaysia. There is more than enough data in the web for reference and introspection.  I will not go into that.

Today when we read what is happening in Malaysia is a matter of great sadness. A resource rich country which can provide a high standard of living for all its citizens is deeply divided along race, language and religion.  Malaysia or Malaya before it was a tolerant society where all citizens could live together and look out for each other. The politicians have completely destroyed this paradise.

It is not the end of the game. Hopefully, good decent and honest ordinary prople will unite, save the country from further ruin and rightfully claim your place in the world.  A new order is needed, and people have to be convinced that Malaysia is worth saving.

While we are proud to be 50 , it would be even better if we can see Malaysia reclaim its status as a sane,  safe and open country which truly belongs to ALL citizens, regardless of language, race and religion.   We would not want to be accused of interfering in Malaysia’s internal affairs; when your neighbour’s house is on fire, can we pretend to be blind ?

Happy National Day

Best wishes to all friends and family members in both Singapore and Malaysia

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